Meet the staff

The Spring 2019 staff

Rachel Singleton
News Editor/Layout Director
Hello! My name is Rachel Singleton and I am the news editor and layout director for The Falconer this semester. I am currently a sophomore and I have been taking journalism since the very beginning of my freshmen year. I also participate in cross country, track and FBLA. I love journalism and being part of the school community and such an amazing newspaper staff. I am proud to be student journalist for The Falconer and plan on continuing being part of this amazing paper the rest of my high school career. 
Joel 1  
Joel Alexander
Entertainment/Student Life Editor
nayeli iNayeli Arellano 
Sports Editor
Hey! My name is Nayeli and I'm a junior and sports editor. I do a number of hobbies including making art, face painting, writing poetry, running and of course newspaper. I spent the majority of my toddler years in Mexico but I finally moved to the US when I was three. I love spending time outside and enjoy hiking with friends. On an average day, you can see me on my laptop in a coffee shop after school attempting to get work done, or tweeting bad jokes that pop up in my head.
Celeste Pollack
Copy Editor
My name is Celeste Pollack, I’m a junior at Fauquier High and am Copy Editor of the paper. I got involved with the newspaper my sophomore year when Mr. Sellers recruited me as a writer. I wrote for the paper my whole second semester and came back this year as News Editor. I chose to do the paper because I love writing and the many leadership opportunities offered within the club which help me grow out of my comfort zone and meet new people. Aside from newspaper I also run Young Americans for Freedom, a pro-USA club based on freedom of thought and speech. The paper is great in that it helps me express myself and exert my freedom of speech as well as improve my writing. 
Amanda Bio Pic
Amanda Arellano
Staff Reporter
Hi! My name is Amanda Arellano, I’m currently a sophomore at Fauquier. This is my first year taking journalism and I really enjoy being part of the Falconer. I’m a staff reporter and I also run the Falconer’s social media. Outside of the newspaper I run for the school’s cross country and track team which gives me an opportunity to meet new people and challenge myself. I hope to make the most out of it this year.
Catherine Smith
Staff Reporter
My name is Catherine Smith. I was born in Florida and moved to Virginia in 2009. I am a freshman staff reporter for the school newspaper, The Falconer. This past season I played on the freshman volleyball team. I am a Junior Staff at the Boys and Girls Club of Fauquier. I look forward to getting my driver's license.

Carly McMurphy
Staff Reporter
My name is Carly McMurphy and I am a 15-year-old freshman at Fauquier High School. This is my first time taking journalism and doing the Falconer and so far it is going great, I got to meet new people. Having the people I met in this class is good for me, meeting new people that is the complete opposite of what I do. I don’t usually write about what’s going on in the world but I like the change. Outside of the Falconer, I play three sports - soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Each sport has its own season, so it keeps me busy throughout the school year. I love that I can meet new people as well as see my present friends if we don’t have the same classes. I’m so excited for what’s more to come with high school for me.

If you are interested in joining The Falconer, contact Sonya Hopkins in Room 323 or by email at


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