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Falcon Hockey Team Battles the Cougars

The hockey team continues to fight hard through every single game.

On Tuesday, December 4, the Fauquier Falcons ice hockey team took on Kettle Run High School. Before the game, the two teams had a ceremonial puck drop in honor of Theodore Warzinski, a former falcon, who passed away earlier this year. The game was a close one with Kettle Run pulling ahead with three quick goals. Then halfway through the second period, with the help of the Fauquier student section, the Falcons rallied and scored three goals, but the game was far from over. When the start of the third period came along, both teams really started to get going on offense. After a hard-fought battle, the final score of the game was 8-7, with Fauquier coming out on top. The goals were scored by Jacob Roteman, Danny Martino, Max Romeo, Patrick Kirk, Brandon Stumpf, Ian Napolitano and Hunter Barrett.

by Helena Lovell and Ella Tedeschi–Staff Reporters


The Boys’ Basketball Season is Underway

Senior Robbie Brooks dribbles the ball past the John Champe defender in a close game at home.

Fauquier High School’s Varsity Basketball team tipped off their season on November 27 against Briar Woods. They played a hard fought game, but ending up falling 58-41. However, they managed to bounce back against Park View High School, 54-44. The next game, the Falcons took on Manassas Park. In a defensive struggle, Fauquier lost to Manassas Park 33-20. The next match-up, was a home game and the Falcons took on John Champe High School from Aldie, Virginia. Fauquier took a halftime lead, but ended up falling to the Knights 59-57, in double overtime. Following the heartbreaker against John Champe, the Falcons went onto beat Brentsville High School.

“I’m just hoping that everyone works together, doesn’t put anyone down, and tries their hardest,” team manager Rylie Schmidt said when asked what she hoped for in the remainder of the season. The Falcons have 17 games left on their schedule, and get into region play soon.

“I think the team is doing great so far,” Schmidt said. Fauquier is 2-3 through five games, but the team does have their moments where they look good. The Falcons current starting lineup is Devin Lewis, Jerreco Gaskins, Kyle Dargis, Robby Brooks and Thurman Smith. Fauquier is coached by Wayne Brizzi.

In the interview with Schmidt, she made it very clear that teamwork is a huge part of the team’s plan to do well throughout the season. Schmidt wants the players to “just have a good time.”

by Tayte Mills–Staff Reporter

FHS Track and Field Team Starts Season Strong

Senior Nick Matthews leads the pack during an exciting track meet.

After closing up their cross country season, Fauquier runners began their track & field season in mid-November. The team started off their season well, already participating in two meets. The athletes practice three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for almost two hours.

“It’s been a pretty good start to the season,”said Darrien Mascall. The team received many returning athletes this season who are ready to put in their “total preparation and total effort.”  The team continues to prepare for their upcoming meets and aim at accomplishing their goals.

The team has also received many new members. Freshman Katey Bern is one of those new members and has already set goals for herself. “I want to get as far as I can and hopefully run at districts,”said Bern. She also says that she enjoys being on the team and meeting a variety of new people.   

The team also welcome a new runner from Spain. Jorge Omenaca is a foreign exchange student who is spending his junior year at Fauquier. “I really like the team, I’d say the best part would be all the nice people and making friends,” said Omenaca. “I’d like to do my best and give my best impression of Spanish runners.”

The Fauquier track and field team started their season strong by taking on first place at the NWD Millbrook meet on December 12.

The Track Meet gave athletes the opportunity to qualify for the state meet on February 20. The qualifiers include: Kayla Pavlock in the girls shot put, Patrick Atwell in the 500m dash and the boys 4x800m relay team.

Highlights of the night include: the girls 4x400m and boys 4x800m and 4x400m relay teams placing first, The boys 4x200m and4x800m girls relay teams coming in second place, Kayla Pavlock recieving first place in the shot put, Patrick Atwell receiving first in the 500m dash, Isaiah Brothers received second place in the 55m hurdles; Mark Zitzmann placing second, leading the boys in the 3200m followed by Brian Bolles in third, the girls 4x200m placing in third, Camryn Bland receiving 4th place in the 3200m, leading Fauquier Shelby Rosenberger in 5th place, followed by Bianca Cabral in 6th place, Annie DelGallo in 8th and Caity Cummins in 9th, the 500m we have Kelsey Gastley in 2nd place with Ryan McDaniel-Neff in third place and Mikhaela Ulewicz in 5th place,  in the 55m dash along with Sarah Saas in 9th and Sydney Trussell in 11th place, Morgan Pletch coming in 9th place in the 55m hurdles followed by Cammi Winston in 10th place.

With John Paccassi in 4th and Ryan Godfrey in 5th, first place followed by Nick Matthews in 4th and Justin Tersoglio in 8th, in the 55m dash Donte Grant coming in 7th place, Darrien Mascall in 14th and Geavonte Hull in 15th place,and in the shot put was Joshua Richardson in 6th place, Isaiah McNeal in 10th, and Gage Cutler in 14th.

All of the members of the track team have been constantly practicing, in preparation for their upcoming home meet on December the 22nd.

by Amanda Arellano–Contributor

Cheer Flips Into the Next Winter Season

The FHS cheerleading team cheers with pride at the basketball game.

From fall into winter, the cheer grind never stops. The cheerleaders hyped up the crowd and cheered their Fauquier’s football players throughout the fall and are continuing to do the same for the Falcon basketball teams. The team began practicing in November and currently practice two times a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The Cheerleaders have attended most of the basketball games of both the boy and girl teams. They say they are pretty happy with season so far. “We definitely started off strong,” said junior Brielle Philippe, “it has definitely been one of the best seasons so far.” Philippe has been a member of the team in the past and continues to participate in the sport into this season. Philippe says she loves being on the team and emphasised how they are all like a big family.

“[Your] not only a team but a family. We have a very strong bond which was seen and helped us compete this year” said Philippe.

While the team received many returning members, they also received many new ones as well. Sophomore Makayla Mackwelch is new to the team and said that when she first came to try outs, she was very nervous but these feelings quickly resolved after she met the team.

“Everyone was so welcoming and sweet,” said Mackwelch, “every moment was worth it.”

Mackwelch plans on continuing cheer in future seasons. “My cheer family is so great and I love them all,” said Mackwelch.

Despite the season going well, there is always room for improvement. Philippe said that she believes the team can improve technique-wise. “I think we can improve on being more consistent on some skills as well as focus on more of the little things,” said Philippe.

Mackwelch also had a few suggestions of improvement. Mackwelch said that she would love to work on and develop the team stunts. “I would love for us to do more complicated and cool stunts,” said Mackwelch.

by Rachel Singleton–Sports Editor

Fauquier falls short in hard-fought Homecoming game


Last Friday at Falcon Field, the Fauquier varsity football team battled against the John Handley Judges for the annual Homecoming football game. The game was played on very muddy and wet grass, which made both teams change up their styles because of the condition.

Last week was Homecoming week for Fauquier High School, which included a spirit week, a school-wide pep rally, and a parade. This all led up to the football game and the dance itself. The homecoming game brought the biggest crowd that came out and supported the Falcons all season, and it showed.

“It was really loud,” sophomore Paul Heisler said. “You couldn’t hear the count, which happened when I jumped off sides.”

Falcon Field was very loud during the game, as The Zoo was filled up. “That was a good crowd,” Zoo Captain and senior Carson McCusker said. “Obviously we were disappointed with how it ended, but it was a good game and the crowd was into it pretty much the whole game.”

Fauquier, with some early season struggles, went into the game 0-4, while Handley went into the game 4-1 with their only loss being to Kettle Run High School. Once the game started off, the Falcon defense started well and never really let up. The Falcon offense, however, struggled to get much going. At halftime, the score was 6-0 Fauquier.

During halftime, the 2018 Fauquier High School Homecoming court was brought onto the field and honored. Following this, the Homecoming King and Queen, McCusker and senior Madeleine Hayes, were announced, which allowed both football teams to get a few minutes more rest than usual.

After halftime, both teams picked up right where they left off, both defenses making up for both offenses. Entering the fourth quarter, the score was tied up at 6-6. Once again, both defenses did their jobs in the fourth quarter, until the last Handley drive. The Judges were in the red zone with under four minutes to go. It was fourth and goal for Handley, and they took a shot to the end-zone, when the Fauquier defense stepped up, and smacked to ball to the ground. The Fauquier offense took over with around three minutes left in the game, but never got anything going, so the game carried on into extra minutes.

During overtime, Handley got the ball first, and made the most of it with a touchdown pass to the post.

“That guy when they scored… they had a great scheme going in overtime,” quarterback and sophomore J.T. Diehl said.

The Falcons were forced to score, or else they would lose. Fauquier faced a fourth and goal from the nine, and the Handley defense rose up and made a stop. The Fauquier quarterback was forced to rush a throw, which fell incomplete to end the game. Falcon Field, which was so energetic a few moments earlier, fell completely silent.

The final score was 13-6, John Handley.

“We had some good plays,” Diehl said. “In overtime though, once they scored we all dropped our heads. We need to focus on more practices, and pick up our heads after they score a touchdown.”

Diehl acknowledges that the team could still improve many aspects of their performance, but is still optimistic that they are a hard-working team.

“I think we performed pretty well, but we definitely could have played a lot better.” Diehl said. “I think a bunch of us played super hard, and I think we played overall pretty well, but there’s still a lot of mistakes to be fixed.”

The Falcons play an away game against Kettle Run High School tomorrow night, and Diehl is still optimistic that the team still has some tricks up its sleeve.

“I think that our record does not show how good we are. We can be a better team overall.”

by Tayte Mills – Staff Reporter

Cheer team prepares for upcoming season

When most people think of cheerleaders, they picture a line of peppy, teenage girls jumping up and down, waving their pompoms in the air at a Friday night football game. What they don’t see, however, are the long, painful hours put into practice, fierce competitions and exhaustion from pushing the body to its breaking point.
“Some people take it as a joke sometimes, just because it’s not a very orthodox sport,” senior Kavena Flores said. “They don’t really think about how much work and effort you have to put into it. It’s like any other sport; you go to practices and have games and team bonding.”
The team practices around 11 hours each week to perfect cheers, tumbling and stunts. According to senior Rachel DeRosa, the team captain, practice is also essential in making sure everyone is on the same page.
“You have to make sure everyone works together, because cheer is the kind of sport where if one person falls or if everyone isn’t getting along [it doesn’t work],” DeRosa said.
Cheerleading requires athletes to execute physically strenuous stunts that often involve throwing or holding team members up in the air or maintaining balance for long periods of time
“You have to go through a lot of training to be able to do the tumbling that you have in cheer,” Flores said. “It’s a lot harder than it looks.”
Besides the difficulty of the stunts, Flores said that many people don’t realize how dangerous the sport can be. One flaw can have severe consequences.
“There’s a big injury risk, especially in stunting, since we’re tossing girls 10 feet in the air,” Flores said. “The flyers expect to be caught and not hit the ground, because a lot of concussions can happen that way.”
With the sideline cheer season in full swing, the team members are representing the school with every bit of enthusiasm they have. DeRosa said she particularly loves being able to contribute to the Friday night football game atmosphere.
“I feel like everyone loves football games, and to get to be a part of the experience is really fun,” she said. “When everyone imagines a Friday night football game, it’s the football players on the field and cheerleaders on the sidelines. I feel like it’s kind of what everyone knows as a football game.”
While the team continues to cheer at football games during the sideline cheer season, it also is preparing to compete at meets, where the team is judged on routines. Last year, they ended the competition season at regionals, where they placed seventh. According to sophomore Brielle Phillippe, competition is much more rigorous than sideline.
“Competition is much harder; it’s fast-paced and you’re getting judged on it,” Phillippe said. “You have to mix in tumbling, dancing, and harder stunts.”
In anticipation of the start of this year’s competition season on Sept. 19, they prepared by brushing up on the essentials throughout the preseason.
“We’re really just focusing on the basics,” DeRosa said. “Like anything, before you excel in it you have to get the basics down.”

~katie johnston, managing editor

Golf tees up for postseason

The Fauquier Falcons golf team continues to improve each year. The team’s latest achievement was winning the recently created Fauquier Cup, which took place at Fauquier Springs Country Club on Aug. 9. Competing against Handley, Millbrook, Sherando, James Wood, Liberty and Kettle Run, the Falcons’ first-place finish gave them the confidence needed to begin the season and hit the ground running. Senior Cameron Lee echoed his teammates’ optimism going into the season.

“We won back-to-back the last two years,” Lee said. “At this point it’s like we know what to expect.”

After already claiming a brand-new trophy, it’s easy to see that anything is possible for the Falcons this year.The Falcons did not finish the way they wanted to last season, however. High expectations and confidence led to the team winning the regular season and winning the conference championship, but coming up short at regionals.

“We didn’t really do that well in regionals. I see it as something we can build off of, though,” senior Michael Patchett said. “I think that since we made it last year, there’s no doubt we’ll make it this year. Only difference is, we’re going all the way this time.”

Team members all have done their part in preparing for the season. Different methods of practice distinguish each player in his own way. Senior Cameron Lee said he believes that repetition is the key.

“I’ve gotten better by tanking balls on the course pretty much all summer,” Lee said. “I just spend hours and hours perfecting my stroke.”

Some players, like Patchett and Frankie Strano, oftentimes even play together to strengthen their bonds on and off the course. Having a teammate to face off against also helped Patchett get into the competitive mindset and more, he said.

“We’ve all practiced a lot more,” Patchett said. “Like, Frankie and I have seen a lot more hours on the course together. Practicing with someone you normally play with just prepares you both equally and gets you ready for anything.”

Along with practice, the Falcons have another advantage going into this season: With seven seniors in the main lineup, experience is not a problem. These seven all have been with the team since their freshman year. Averna said he believes the cohesiveness of the group will help make this the best year yet.

“I think it gives us a better shot at going to states,” Averna said. “Being with these guys since freshman year has taught me a lot about teamwork. We’ve all worked so hard to get to the top.”

~nathaniel thomason, entertainment director