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Field Hockey Wraps Up Season

Varsity and Junior Varsity field hockey wrapped up the season with senior night at the falcon field on October 14. JV had an eight game winning streak with two game ties in a row. Varsity won nine games throughout the season.

Stacey Irvin who coached the JV’s last game against Liberty said, “I have loved watching the JV team improve from the first week of conditioning to the last game against Liberty.” It was a very good season for both JV and Varsity with the bonding of the team and the good memories. According to Irvin the team is like a family. “I think what was even more special was to watch how they continually lifted one another up and were proud of the success of their teammates,” Irvin said.

Varsity started the season with a four game winning streak, as the season went on they lost some games but came back and won five more. Brooke Settle, varsity team coach said, “This has been a really tough season. We lost a lot of key seniors last year, and we’ve been struggling with keeping everyone healthy.” The varsity team has had many injuries like concussions, a sprained ankle, and a fractured foot. Even with all of the absences, Settle had a positive outlook on the upcoming games for varsity and JV.

On senior night, varsity and JV played George Mason High School. Settle said, “The girls had an amazing game against Mason. You could feel the energy in the air. You could tell it was senior night and the girls really wanted it.” Before the Varsity game started the JV and Varsity teams said goodbye to the seniors who were part of the field hockey family.

By Lauren Lasher – Staff Reporter

FHS Golf In Full Swing

Did you know that Fauquier High School has a golf team? To many, this comes as a surprise. On October 7, the FHS golf team finished sixth as a team at the 4 Region C meet at the Loudoun Golf and Country Club.

The golf team did two regular season tournaments. They finished second in their first tournaments and third in their second tournament. They then competed in the District Championship and placed second, moving them on to the Regional tournament.

Senior Bryce Leazer came in fourth in the individual competition. Leazer has played golf since he was 10 years old. He believes it is the greatest game ever made.“It is challenging, both on the mind and on the body. It is like life there are ups and downs,” said Leazer.

With a roster of only eight students, they travel to Fauquier Springs to practice with their coach Bob Martin. “Unlike most sports we don’t have one team vs. another. We play where all teams in the conference compete in one event,” said Martin.

By Nayeli Arellano – News Editor

October Athletes of the month:

Athletes of month are selected on a basis of integrity, leadership, commitment, and responsibility.

Brielle Phillippe- Senior

photo provided by Brielle Phillippe

Senior Brielle Phillippe has been cheering for seven years. “It is literally a part of my life,” said Phillippe, “It’s something I can do to get away from my problems and just have fun.”
She describes the sport as underestimated. Phillippe’s goal is to make a D1 co-ed cheerleading and later further her career by making the USA National Co-ed cheerleading team.

Robert “Bobby” Slater- Senior

photo by Amanda Arellano

Senior Robert “Bobby” Slater has been playing football for four years. He currently plays the position of tight end and defensive end. Slater says he loves the sport. “I like the physicality of football. I have a lot of fun [and] I have a lot of friends on the team,” said Slater. He added, “It’s a good sport to play. I feel like I’ve learned a lot of lessons from it.” Slater hopes to play football and college and has his eyes set on going to Virginia Military Institute (VMI).

Falcon Football Team

On Friday, September 6, Fauquier High School conquered the Brentsville Tigers with a win of 32-0. This victory ended the Falcon’s losing streak and sets an exciting tone for the rest of the season.

The Zoo played a significant role in making the game a memorable night. The moment the game ended, The Zoo rushed onto the field. The student body surrounded the football team with excitement after their first victory of the season.

“We want to get everyone involved in cheering on their school,” said sophomore Zoo captain Rachel Puckett. “I think the support they got from us encouraged them to push harder in the home game.”

Another highlight of the game was the colored powder The Zoo threw up into the air before half time. Junior Camryn Bland suggested the idea. After principal Kraig Kelican approved the proposal, the Student Council Association (SCA) officers and their sponsors brought the idea to life during the game. “It was such a memorable moment that I would love to be able to do it again if the student body would be willing,” said Bland.

By Amanda Arellano – Sports Editor

Football Season Starts Strong

After a very disappointing 2018 Fauquier High School football season, coach Joe Prince stepped down from the position of head football coach. Very shorty after, Fauquier hired Karl Buckwalter in an attempt to turn the program around. After the first two games of the season, it’s appearing that the hire was strong.

The 2019 football season for the FHS football began on Thursday, August 29, against the Loudoun County Raiders. The defense played well throughout the game. However, the offense had two early game fumbles that resulted in touchdowns for the Raiders. The defense kept the Falcons in the game for a bit, but the Falcon offense wasn’t able to add any points on the board, which resulted in the Raiders winning by a score of 31-0.

On Friday, September 6, Fauquier went toe-to-toe with the Brentsville Tigers for the season home opener. The Falcon offense exploded in the first half, scoring 18 points. Fauquier defense played great, Brentsville wasn’t able to get an offensive drive going. At the half, the score was 18-0 Fauquier. The second half picked up right where the first half let off. With the Falcon defense shutting down the Tiger offense, while turnovers kept giving the Fauquier offense great field position to continue their dominant offensive game. With that, the final score of the game was 32-0 Falcons.

With the win over Brentsville, Fauquier ends a 13 game losing streak, and gets the Fauquier High School win percentage to .500. Also, the team proved that this is a totally different team from last year, and is looking to completely turn around the program going forward.

By Tayte Mills- Staff Reporter

Bolles Bolts to the History Books

It feels amazing to be up on the record board as a senior, Brian Bolles, described his reaction after the 2500 meter run at RVA relays. On Saturday 21, the Fauquier High School Cross Country team competed in a race at Pole Green Park, Mechanicsville, VA. They did not expect to bring home one of the fastest run times in FHS history.

Bolles is 3rd on the record board for the 2500 meter race, with a 7:23 as his time. The first being Carson Fernandez, a past runner for FHS with the record time of 7:14.“At first I wasn’t really thinking, I just started passing people. I was like I shouldn’t be up here, and I thought I was going to get passed by a bunch of people, and then I didn’t,” said Bolles.

As the season continues Bolles has a few items to achieve. “I am going for the school record in the 5k but I’m not really worried about it. It’s one that I have up there. And I want to be a district champion in the 5k,” said Bolles. The current school record for the 5k is a time of 15:38 also set by Fernandez in 2017. Bolles’s current personal record is a time of 16:19 which he got his junior year.

Mark Scott, math teacher and cross country assistant coach at FHS, was very impressed with Bolles. Scott sees a lot of character in Bolles. “He’s dedicated, committed, hard-working, and all the positive attributes that you can find in an athlete. After running that time in 2500 meters, it kind of cranks up the intensity of where I think he really has a legitimate spot of landing later on,” said Scott.
With eyes on Brian, Scott plans to keep routines the same. “I tell the kids all the time, they create their own work outs. Essentially, when they run faster their workouts get harder which pays off later one down the line. I really think he’s got a shot at being a sub 16 5k kind of guy. I really think that that’s a legitimate goal for him, something he can reach especially after the time he ran last Saturday.”

By Catherine Smith- Student Life Editor

A fresh Start for Soccer

The Fauquier soccer teams are starting fresh. Principal Kraig Kelican and activities director Mark Ott decided to change the soccer coaches for this upcoming spring season.

Ott is working to improve the soccer program at FHS. His goal for this year is to have coaches that will increase participation and sportsmanship.

As activities director, Ott plans to work with coaches that will not only help them get better at soccer but become better people. Although it is not all about winning, Ott hopes that new coaching methods and fresh faces will lead the soccer teams to more wins. Ott has not decided who the coaches are going to be yet, but he is looking for someone who is going to meet these expectations.
Although Rich Ashley was greatly loved by all the soccer players, the team didn’t win any games last season. Junior Emma Anderson said, “I believe getting a new coach could aid us in winning games. However it depends on the team.”

The soccer players are on the edge of their seats wanting to know who the new coaches are going to be. Updates on the new soccer positions will be known when they have been chosen.

By Kate Finkbeiner – Staff Reporter

Fisher Wins Again!

Junior Sam Fisher, member of the Birds of Prey wrestling club, is now a national champion. He attended the 10th FloWrestling national tournament in Pennsylvania, Indiana on April 18 to 20. He won first place in the cadet division of the greco-roman class at 92 kilograms.

This year was a first for FloNationals wrestlers in competing in greco and freestyle wrestling. They claim they are “one of the toughest high school tournaments in the nation.”
“It was a good opportunity to expose myself,” Fisher said, and when asked how he feels to be a national champion he responded, “[it feels] no different.”

In addition to winning first, he placed 3rd in cadet freestyle. Currently he is the first and only member of the Birds of Prey wrestling club to become a FloNational champion.

By Nayeli Arellano – Sports Editor

Girls’ Lacrosse Push Through Obstacles This Spring Season

A rough start only made this team try harder. Sticks clatter and the sound of laughing and yelling come from the fields where the Lady Falcons lacrosse players practice almost every day.
Starting the season in February, the JV team had high hopes and lots of confidence; however, they soon began to feel the hardships of having an inexperienced team. After multiple losses, they felt they were not doing the best they could and quickly became disappointed.

“It’s been rough because we are a new team and a lot of the players are new. We weren’t able to really work the field as well,” said junior Francesca Roy.

Nutrition and Wellness teacher Rebecca Hale stepped down from the position of head coach after three years of coaching JV. “I’m selling my house and getting ready to move, and it’s just a lot of time commitment. So just personal reasons,” said Hale. “It is a good thing; I enjoyed coaching. I enjoyed the girls and everything. I decided to just step away from it because he [Varsity Head Coach Mac] does have some help.”

Hale had prior experience in coaching Warrenton Youth Soccer Club where her duties included coaching volleyball, soccer and lacrosse teams. She began coaching because no one else stepped up to the plate.

“Mr. Burton had actually been the one that had asked me to help out and he likes having a teacher [run the program],” said Hale.
The girls felt that coaching was not Hale’s main priority this year, but they were sad to see her go. With the arrival of new Head Coach Kelli Munoz they did find a glimmer of hope. “We got off to a bad start, but Coach Munoz re-taught us everything, and now we are doing a lot better,” said freshman Jessica Summers.

The team saw improvement after one game. The communication between the girls became more intense, and they were proud of how they played as a team. They feel the season can only get better from now on.

“[In] our last game, our defense improved a lot more, and we were able to seal it in and not have any gaps,” said sophomore Paige Keith. “So now we can start working on our offense and shooting and really getting aggressive.”

Munoz formed an attachment to the girls and the team itself. In the beginning, they felt they weren’t being heard, so they wrote a letter to Activity Director Mark Holmes to see what he would say. The next day he called some of them into his office, and they were able to express their feelings on behalf of the team. Their parents also attended and were proud of the girls for speaking out.

Hale supports the girls and still plays a role in a team tradition. They make energy bites, flax seed fiber snacks, the day before the game to prepare. Hale likes to make them with the girls to promote nutrition and wellness since they are healthy and protein filled but also because it helps her stay connected with the girls.

“I didn’t want to leave them because I have a relationship with the girls,” said Hale. “I want them to know they are always welcome to come and see me. I wish both teams a great season.”

By Catherine Smith – Staff Reporter

The Man Behind the Athletes

March is National Athletic Trainer Month and there’s one face many athletes and students recognize, Bryan Grimley. For those who haven’t met Bryan, he has been the athletic trainer for 11 years now. He cares for any injured athletes and also teaches a class for those who wish to pursue any related careers.

Bryan grew up in Fauquier County and decided to pursue athletic training and education. “I took this class in high school,” said Bryan. “I just kind of fell in love with it so I decided to do it in college too.”

After finishing college, Bryan became an athletic trainer. Brian said his favorite part about his job “is working with the kids.” With the constant injuries athletes face, Bryan encounters many students throughout the year.

“He’s hardworking,” said senior Ashby Nye. “He goes above and beyond to help the students and he’s always there if you need help.”

With a large number of injuries among student-athletes, he is dedicating a large portion of his time to the students and athletes. “Definitely the least favorite part is the [number] of hours, it’s a lot of long hours,” said Bryan. He is definitely someone to appreciate due to his large contribution to Fauquier’s Athletics.

By Amanda Arellano-Staff Reporter