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Falcon Football Team

On Friday, September 6, Fauquier High School conquered the Brentsville Tigers with a win of 32-0. This victory ended the Falcon’s losing streak and sets an exciting tone for the rest of the season.

The Zoo played a significant role in making the game a memorable night. The moment the game ended, The Zoo rushed onto the field. The student body surrounded the football team with excitement after their first victory of the season.

“We want to get everyone involved in cheering on their school,” said sophomore Zoo captain Rachel Puckett. “I think the support they got from us encouraged them to push harder in the home game.”

Another highlight of the game was the colored powder The Zoo threw up into the air before half time. Junior Camryn Bland suggested the idea. After principal Kraig Kelican approved the proposal, the Student Council Association (SCA) officers and their sponsors brought the idea to life during the game. “It was such a memorable moment that I would love to be able to do it again if the student body would be willing,” said Bland.

By Amanda Arellano – Sports Editor

New Tech in the Science Department

The science department has recieved a new addition in the form of high tech machinery. Two Thermal Cyclers (aka PCR machines) and a DNA sequencer from the National Institute of Health will now be implemented into science classes, primarily biology and marine biology. “Our mission in the Biology Department this year is to have every student do gel electrophoresis and then use the PCR machine because we want them to [use] cutting edge [technology],” said biology teacher Dr. Catherine Croft.

PCR machines, rapidly replicate DNA using the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). This amplified DNA can be used for genotyping, cloning and sequencing. This technology is used in forensics and companies such as Ancestry and 23andMe.

DNA sequencers are exactly what they sound like, they sequence our DNA. Many students remember writing out the G’s, C’s, A’s and T’s when learning about DNA. This is exactly what this machine does except it’s automated and much more efficient. Unfortunately, the DNA sequencer is missing a part so cannot be used until the part is replaced.

The school acquired this technology thanks to Croft. “I used to work [at the National Institute of Health] and heard they have a surplus. One of our connections gave us a form for the surplus warehouse, so I submitted that and we got approved as a school,” said Croft. “I got to this huge warehouse, and I showed my form, and I got to walk around and pick out whatever I wanted.”

This technology is considered “old” to big science institutes such as the NIH. “It’s really high end cutting edge stuff [but] to them it’s old,” said Croft. Much of this “old” technology in these surplus warehouses is only three or four years old.

With the arrival of this new technology, students are excited to use it. Senior, Zita Ribeiro plans on using the PCR machine to do research for her independent study. She is focusing on Alzheimer’s disease and the P. Gingivalis bacteria.

“I will be culturing [the bacteria] on blood agar plates. I will actually get to actually see the DNA sequence for the bacteria and go through the process and really learn what it’s like to be in the science field,” Rebeiro said.

Croft plans on doing a forensics lab in her classes and marine biology teacher George Murphey is plans on using the equipment on saltwater fish.

By Nayeli Arellano – News Editor

Fashion Spotlight

Mikey Goultry


Q: How would you describe your style?
A: I guess I would describe it as pretty alternative like jeans, a band t-shirt, and the chains.

Q: What stores do you like to shop at?
A: I like online shopping so like Amazon is really great for the band t-shirts and Hollister for the jeans.

Q: Is there a trend going around that you personally like, and would like to wear as one of your everyday outfits?
A: I feel like my style is pretty much its own and I kind of just put it together myself and like to wear that.

Q: What’s one trend going around that you don’t like?
A: Mom jeans

Q: If you could pick a go-to outfit, what would it be?
A: It would be what I’m wearing right now so probably black jeans, band t-shirt, and some chains.

Q: Where do you get your style inspirations from?
A: From social media like Instagram

Bolles Bolts to the History Books

It feels amazing to be up on the record board as a senior, Brian Bolles, described his reaction after the 2500 meter run at RVA relays. On Saturday 21, the Fauquier High School Cross Country team competed in a race at Pole Green Park, Mechanicsville, VA. They did not expect to bring home one of the fastest run times in FHS history.

Bolles is 3rd on the record board for the 2500 meter race, with a 7:23 as his time. The first being Carson Fernandez, a past runner for FHS with the record time of 7:14.“At first I wasn’t really thinking, I just started passing people. I was like I shouldn’t be up here, and I thought I was going to get passed by a bunch of people, and then I didn’t,” said Bolles.

As the season continues Bolles has a few items to achieve. “I am going for the school record in the 5k but I’m not really worried about it. It’s one that I have up there. And I want to be a district champion in the 5k,” said Bolles. The current school record for the 5k is a time of 15:38 also set by Fernandez in 2017. Bolles’s current personal record is a time of 16:19 which he got his junior year.

Mark Scott, math teacher and cross country assistant coach at FHS, was very impressed with Bolles. Scott sees a lot of character in Bolles. “He’s dedicated, committed, hard-working, and all the positive attributes that you can find in an athlete. After running that time in 2500 meters, it kind of cranks up the intensity of where I think he really has a legitimate spot of landing later on,” said Scott.
With eyes on Brian, Scott plans to keep routines the same. “I tell the kids all the time, they create their own work outs. Essentially, when they run faster their workouts get harder which pays off later one down the line. I really think he’s got a shot at being a sub 16 5k kind of guy. I really think that that’s a legitimate goal for him, something he can reach especially after the time he ran last Saturday.”

By Catherine Smith- Student Life Editor

BB Gun Device Found at Fauquier High School

On Friday, September 27, at 11:52 a.m, Principal Kraig Kelican came on the school’s intercom announcing that a BB type hand gun was located in a restroom on campus. The student post appeared to show a handgun in an FHS closet. Administration handled the situation promptly. They determined the room of the device, and the situation was soon under control. The device was retrieved from a bathroom for further investigation. The school notified parents of the situation by email. Kelican brought in students for questioning, and determined the suspects. At 3:50 pm, FHS School Officer charged two 16 year old males with disorderly conduct. These students will also face criminal charges, one with additional charges for the possession of marijuana and nicotine products. We continue to learn that these students were aware of the BB gun and it’s location, failing to notify administration. Kelican requested any further questions be directed to him.

On this day


Monday is everyone’s least favorite day of the week, but what if you were to travel 130 years into the past, would it still be the same? The answer is, probably not. In 1894, Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September an annual legal holiday we know as Labor Day. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, this day is commemorated to celebrate all the years of hard work, millions of men and women in the U.S. workforce have achieved. Today we recognize stay-at-home parents, electricians, plumbers, waste collectors, teachers, soldiers, doctors, fire-fighters, police officers and all those who better society. We owe this special day to the Central Labor Union who planned a Labor Day parade where thousands of workers walked from City Hall to Wendel’s Elm Park for community events. Thanks to these citizens and many others, we have the benefits of weekends, overtime pay, 8 hour work-days, minimum wage, sick days, paid vacation, child labor laws and health care. Join our challenge to thank those who continuously work to make our country better. Happy Labor Day!

By Catherine Smith – Student Life Editor