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Falcon Football Team

On Friday, September 6, Fauquier High School conquered the Brentsville Tigers with a win of 32-0. This victory ended the Falcon’s losing streak and sets an exciting tone for the rest of the season.

The Zoo played a significant role in making the game a memorable night. The moment the game ended, The Zoo rushed onto the field. The student body surrounded the football team with excitement after their first victory of the season.

“We want to get everyone involved in cheering on their school,” said sophomore Zoo captain Rachel Puckett. “I think the support they got from us encouraged them to push harder in the home game.”

Another highlight of the game was the colored powder The Zoo threw up into the air before half time. Junior Camryn Bland suggested the idea. After principal Kraig Kelican approved the proposal, the Student Council Association (SCA) officers and their sponsors brought the idea to life during the game. “It was such a memorable moment that I would love to be able to do it again if the student body would be willing,” said Bland.

By Amanda Arellano – Sports Editor

Fashion Spotlight

Mikey Goultry


Q: How would you describe your style?
A: I guess I would describe it as pretty alternative like jeans, a band t-shirt, and the chains.

Q: What stores do you like to shop at?
A: I like online shopping so like Amazon is really great for the band t-shirts and Hollister for the jeans.

Q: Is there a trend going around that you personally like, and would like to wear as one of your everyday outfits?
A: I feel like my style is pretty much its own and I kind of just put it together myself and like to wear that.

Q: What’s one trend going around that you don’t like?
A: Mom jeans

Q: If you could pick a go-to outfit, what would it be?
A: It would be what I’m wearing right now so probably black jeans, band t-shirt, and some chains.

Q: Where do you get your style inspirations from?
A: From social media like Instagram

FHS Appreciating History

at Fauquier High School. This spring semester, the main lobby will take students through time with a bright yellow timeline that spans from 1000 B.C.E to today. Students go down to the lobby and learn as well as contribute to the timeline. The events placed on the timeline are color coded based on the study they fall under.

English and literature are gray, math is red, history is blue, art and music are purple, sports are orange, technology is tan, science is green and foreign languages are pink. Science teacher, George Murphy is the originator and planner of this project and said that he had been thinking about doing it for several years. “Initially, for AP Biology, we do a timeline like this for DNA,” said Murphy, “But I’ve always had an interest in something more cross-curricular.” After coming up with the plan, he put his idea into motion, placing the timeline with the help of the AP Biology students for all the school to see. Many teachers have already began taking their students down to the timeline such as Dr. Croft with her anatomy and physiology class, agriculture, physical education, and many others. Murphy is very happy with this new addition to the school and says “it can involve the whole school: It’s really cool and just to see how everything we study in school is related in some way.” The timeline will stay up until the end of May, and Murphy hopes to continue putting it up every semester.

by Rachel Singleton–News Editor

February 2019 Artist of the Month

Junior Aidan Jones was nominated and selected by the art department to be the Fauquier Falcon’s Artist of the Month. Jones is currently taking art 3 2D with art teacher Charlene Root. Jones has been taking art ever since first grade of elementary school and says that he loves it. “I like letting my mind wander and creating whatever I feel like,” said Jones. Jones enjoys working with many different mediums, but he particularly enjoys using acrylics. “Acrylics mix well with one another, and it’s not water based so it doesn’t run everywhere,” Jones said. He appreciates his teachers and says that they have been supportive. “Instead of criticizing me, they try to tell me how I can improve,” Jones said. His art teachers think highly of him, art teacher Dawn Brown said Jones “has proven himself as an artist who always takes his assignments seriously. He works very hard to complete all assignments to the best of his ability, spending lots of time on the details, and adding his own creative flair.” Root agreed in saying, “He is a hard-working, self-disciplined young man who is conscientious about improving his art skills and abilities. He is respectful, mature and interacts well with classmates. He is a great role model for art students!”

by Rachel Singleton–News Editor

FHS Supports Wrestling Team at In-School Pep Rally

On January 25, Fauquier High School hosted a pep-rally featuring the Falcon wrestling team’s final match. The event began at 1:30 pm in the new gym. The Fauquier Falcons faced the Brentsville Tigers in a hard fought match, ending in the Falcons claiming the victory with a score of 33-29.
The match was different from most the wrestlers have experienced. Although the team has competed in front of big crowds before, this time Fauquier students and staff were all behind the wrestlers, cheering them on. “It was nice to have the schools support,” said senior wrestler Kevin McEachin, “everyone was cheering, it got really loud.” McEachin won his match with a score of 5-3. “It could have been better, but I ended up winning, so I guess that’s all that matters,” he said. McEachin hopes to pursue wrestling in college but said it depends on where he gets into.
Sophomore Eric Dewald also competed in front of the crowd. He ended up winning his match by fall. Dewald said that he was very nervous before the match. He prepared by weighing in and then warming up like the rest of the team, but also internally prepared. “I just thought in my head and got myself mentally prepared,” said Dewald. After his match, Dewald said that he believed it went well, saying “[it was] pretty good, I pinned my kid.”
Head coach Doug Fisher said he is proud of his athletes and performance. “It was a great learning experience for them,” said Fisher. He added that the results of the match were both expected and unexpected. He said, “we had some guys that did not completely wrestle to their potential, while we had others rise to the occasion.” Fisher was very happy that the school was able to have the pep rally, saying “it was a great opportunity for the student body to see us compete. Our guys do not get that opportunity often and I was concerned a little about how they would react.” Fisher also wanted to thank the administration for making it happen. “I hope we are able to do it again next year,” he said.
FHS Wrestling has a reputation for being state champions. In the last five years, they have either been first or second in States. The process moves along with one starter in each of the 14 weight classes being entered into the District Tournament. Following this, the top four placers continue to Regionals, and then the top four placers from Regionals go to States. The team attended Districts on February 2, Regionals on February 9 and will attend states the following weekend.
Fisher said that the season has flown by very quickly. “We travel almost every weekend and see great competition,” said Fisher. “ Although it is an extremely tough schedule, it prepares us for the tough matches in the postseason.”

by Rachel Singleton– New Editor

Birdbox Offers Thrill

Apparently, what you cannot see CAN hurt you. Or at least that’s what the new Netflix original film Bird Box claims. Starring Sandra Bullock, this sci-fi thriller was highly anticipated for many Netflix subscribers, seeing as how it has the highest starting viewership of any original Netflix film. The plot is intriguing: An unknown entity spreads across the world and forces those who look at it to kill themselves. What the affected people see is left unknown, but it is implied to be their greatest fear, thus causing them to find the easiest way to end their life.

Last year, the popular Netflix film was Bright, which was another disappointment; it’s good to see that Netflix has learned their lesson and released a good film. Bird Box is a fun, fast-paced, and tense thriller that is absolutely perfect for viewers to watch. The film stars Sandra Bullock as a pregnant mother who gets caught up in the disaster, and who eventually gets stuck in a house with a number of strangers she doesn’t know. The film cuts back and forth between this plot line and one five years in the future, in which Bullock and two children are trying to get to a sanctuary via river while blindfolded.

Compliments to give this film go to Bullock’s electric performance. She is great in all of her other works, and this is no exception. In a scene near the end, she elevates the writing given to her in a powerful scene in a forest, and does this all without the use of her eyes. The other standout is Trevante Rhodes as one of the more prominent characters in the house that the majority of the film is set in. He was magnificent in Moonlight, and he shines just as much here.

Luckily, the film’s overall plot and tense nature are more than enough to get the audience through any slowness. No performance in Bird Box is lackluster, but the writing for some of the characters can be trite. In particular, Machine Gun Kelly and Rosa Salazar are both given very little material to work with, and their presence is a hindrance to the progress of the film. I understand why they were included, but I felt little empathy for their situation. Some characters are just thrown in the script, like Jacki Weaver, who has no reason to be in the film. Others are just cliché, like John Malkovich’s character. Malkovich plays the jerk, and it just feels like he’s included in the film in order to create unnecessary conflict. Later in the film, he does get redemption, which makes up for many of the cliche writing earlier on, but it still feels like the writers were trying to make the film longer for no reason.

Luckily, the film’s overall plot and tense nature are more than enough to get the audience through any slowness, and it never gets boring.
One aspect of Bird Box that I especially appreciate is the lack of CGI and tired green screen effects. Almost the entirety of the film is done with only one exception, and this adds to the authenticity of the situation. Even the scenes on the raging river with a blindfolded Sandra Bullock have no green screen to be found, which contributes to the gorgeous cinematography.
However, this leads me to my biggest issue with Bird Box: The structure degrades the suspense. When the audience is shown Bullock five years in the future with two kids, they know exactly who is going to live and die. This does add a bit of dread to the narrative since the deaths are predictable, but this also lessens the impact of scenes that could have been riveting, but are passable. The film eventually catches up to itself, and that is where it gets the most exciting for me, which was around the final thirty minutes.

Bird Box is still a very well-made thriller, but I feel certain aspects of the story could have been rearranged in order to make a more non-stop thrill ride. The film is still a fun watch, and I definitely recommend taking the time to give you and some friends an anxiety-filled two hours.

by Joel Alexander–Student Life Editor

Banned Books Restrict Students’ Freedom to Read

Last month, the Fauquier High School Library had an exhibit on banned books, encouraging people to read freely. This was to show that everyone has the freedom to read what they want unchallenged. On the exhibit there were multiple “Banned or Unsuitable” books from the American Library Association’s Banned & Challenged book list. The books had paper bags with laminated cards saying what someone might find wrong or offensive with them. Most of the books were about subjects that, to some, are offensive or bad in their ideals, like a book that is pro-socialism or contains racism and violence. The stand was at the entrance and had books going around it, allowing you to walk around, lifting up the bags and check out the books, making your own judgements about them.

The stand exists and stands in the open to prove that you can read what you want, formulate your own opinions, and not just listen to what other people tell you. Free reading is important because it allows us to learn about the good and bad of the world while changing our views about it at the same time. The other, and some might say the more important, goal is that books allow you to learn while contemplating and making your own opinions about issues. In some cases, this is as important as an unbiased press as it promotes change and stops the suppression or molding of a person’s ideas, like controlling the press. This is why we have the the First Amendment and why it is so important, if someone were to control what people believed or said, they would have all the power in the world. Some of the greatest threats to democracy have started like this, like Stalin’s purges of people unloyal or disagreeing with him. This is why the evil dystopias portrayed in books and movies, like 1984, are so terrifying, because it is all too real, and in some cases has actually happened, like the brutal dictatorship of North Korea. They are our living, breathing, modern-day warning about censorship and the strangling of knowledge, and it’s very hard to miss the message. The final thing the stand shows is that reading is still relevant; in this day of smartphones, reading is still as important as it was 100 years ago.

by nicholas tselides–staff reporter