On this day


Monday is everyone’s least favorite day of the week, but what if you were to travel 130 years into the past, would it still be the same? The answer is, probably not. In 1894, Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September an annual legal holiday we know as Labor Day. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, this day is commemorated to celebrate all the years of hard work, millions of men and women in the U.S. workforce have achieved. Today we recognize stay-at-home parents, electricians, plumbers, waste collectors, teachers, soldiers, doctors, fire-fighters, police officers and all those who better society. We owe this special day to the Central Labor Union who planned a Labor Day parade where thousands of workers walked from City Hall to Wendel’s Elm Park for community events. Thanks to these citizens and many others, we have the benefits of weekends, overtime pay, 8 hour work-days, minimum wage, sick days, paid vacation, child labor laws and health care. Join our challenge to thank those who continuously work to make our country better. Happy Labor Day!

By Catherine Smith – Student Life Editor

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